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Analysis of emotional elements of Humidifier products
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Analysis of emotional elements of Humidifier products

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-02      Origin: Site

Most of the urban population today spends more than two-thirds of their time indoors, and good indoor air quality is a necessary condition for healthy living. Atmospheric aerosol is the main substance of indoor air pollution, and its chemical composition includes inorganic water-soluble/insoluble substances, heavy metals, organic substances, etc. With the improvement of people's living standards, the problem of indoor air pollution has also received more attention, so Humidifiers What is the sentiment analysis of products? Let's see together.

Here is the content:

  • Analysis of Color Emotion Elements

  • Material sentiment analysis

  • Analysis of emotional elements of modeling


Analysis of Color Emotion Elements

Color is the first element of a product's visual response based on its appearance. Through people's visual perception, people's experience of the product is aroused to a certain extent, so that people have corresponding emotional interaction experience and evaluation, and finally decide people's purchase. It can be seen that color has a greater impact than other elements such as shape and texture. Because color tends to be perceptual, it has the characteristics of association, symbolism, and psychological suggestion. The user's perception of the color of the product in the process of using the product will lead to associations and corresponding emotions. For example, red will remind people of the national flag, war, revolution, etc., resulting in a feeling of passion and excitement; gray will remind people of cloudy, concrete, etc., resulting in a dull, depressive feeling. In the design of Humidifier products, designers will design based on subjective assumptions and experience, which leads to the ambiguity and uncertainty caused by color when users purchase products. From this, it is inferred that color is complex. Different brands of Humidifiers have different styles and different color requirements.

Material sentiment analysis

Materials have their unique advantages in product design. When using Humidifier product design, the use of different materials has different emotional experiences in visual presentation. For example, metal and imitation metal give people a strong and dignified atmosphere; plastic has strong plasticity and gives people a soft feeling. The wood material has a natural, rustic feel, especially the wood color. For example, the design of a certain brand of aromatherapy Humidifier, in addition to the simple and round shape, uses natural materials to make the space environment full of the breath of nature.

Analysis of emotional elements of modeling

Modeling has a significant feature in the entire product design and is the most intuitive form of external expression. Usually, modeling is expressed as a combination of external structure, shape and appearance form, etc., and selected materials. Traditional Humidifier products cannot bring a good experience to users and with the convenience brought by science and technology to life, people no longer focus on functions in the design of Humidifiers. Therefore, in the design of modern Humidifier products, the integration of technology not only meets the basic functions of users but also emphasizes the emotional satisfaction of the product for users. The designer's design thinking has also changed. In the design of Humidifier products, emphasis is placed on the appearance of the product to reflect the cultural, interesting, functional, and ornamental nature of the product. For example, the geometric shape of Humidifier products have shapes such as squares and circles. Emotionally, square Humidifier products are solemn, serious, and rustic, while round Humidifier products are soft and simple. Of course, the modeling design is not carried out alone, but a combination of different materials and materials, as well as the different production techniques used, will bring different emotional expressions to the space environment.

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