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  • Vacuum Cleaner Soundscape Elements
    Vacuum Cleaner Soundscape Elements

    The soundscape is composed of three parts: sound, environment, and listener. A soundscape exists as long as there are voices and people present. Therefore, it can be said that soundscapes exist in every corner of human life. The category of soundscape is very large and can be broadly divided into the natural soundscape and social soundscape. These two concepts can be divided into thousands of specific soundscapes, such as building soundscapes, plaza soundscapes, park soundscapes, cinema soundscapes, etc. For industrial products, there is also the so-called product soundscape, which is the synthesis of the product's sound and the sound of its environment based on human perception. A product soundscape is a sound environment that emphasizes the way an individual or society perceives and understands it. For a product, its soundscape must also be a synthesis of sounds based on human perception. It not only studies the physical phenomenon of sound but also involves people's perceptual under

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  • Vacuum Cleaner Soundscape Research Principles
    Vacuum Cleaner Soundscape Research Principles

    The Vacuum Cleaner was invented by an Englishman named Hubert Booth around 1901. At that time, the station was cleaned with an inefficient machine. Booth made some improvements after seeing it and invented the vacuum cleaner. To prevent foreign objects and dust from being sucked into the motor, the general vacuum cleaner will be equipped with a paper or non-woven dust bag that needs to be replaced, and some models use a dust bag that can be cleaned and does not need to be replaced all can have filters. Mid-to-high-end Vacuum Cleaners must be equipped with HEPA filters to filter the exhaust, which can prevent fine dust from being ejected with the exhaust of the Vacuum Cleaner, and is a must-have for avoiding allergic asthma. Some vacuums are wet and dry and designed to absorb moisture. There are also industrial vacuum cleaners used as production machinery in factories for material sorting and cleaning. The vacuum cleaner can replace the broom, and the work is convenient and fast, but th

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  • Yogurt Maker Homemade Yogurt Wholesome
    Yogurt Maker Homemade Yogurt Wholesome

    Yogurt Maker makes yogurt, and the most important nutritional ingredient may be the active probiotics in it. Over the past few decades, thousands of studies on probiotics have been published, with many positive experimental results for improving immunity, weight management, improving diarrhea, allergy control, women's health, and even cancer prevention. There are few reports of side effects, it can be seen that the probiotics in Yoghurt Maker's yogurt play a vital role in human health.

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  • Yogurt machine making yogurt process
    Yogurt machine making yogurt process

    Many people like to buy yogurt to drink, but many of the yogurts sold have too much sugar added, and some of them are not yogurt, more precisely lactic acid bacteria drinks. We can make yogurt by ourselves, Yoghurt Maker does not make yogurt by adding milk and bacteria powder and then waiting for fermentation. The yogurt produced by some people does not coagulate and does not have a thick and silky taste. There are still some tricks to pay attention to. Let me tell you in detail the secrets of the Yoghurt Maker to make successful yogurt.

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  • Toaster cleaning
    Toaster cleaning

    With the continuous improvement of living standards, bread has become a daily necessity for our breakfast. So almost most the home will have a toaster, toaster after use, cleaning is also a required method, otherwise, it is easy to have problems. So, how to clean the toaster is good. Here we take a look, at the toast cleaning methods and precautions.

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