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Company Profile
Get to Know More about Bear​​​​​​​
Bear's 5 Production Bases
With years of development and growth, 5 productions bases has been established by Bear Electric Appliance: 

Motorized Appliance Manufacture Base (100,000m²,producing Blender, Stand Mixer, Hand Mixer, Chopper, capacity 700,000 pcs/month),

Heating Appliance Manufacture Base (200,000m², producing  Toaster, Electric Grill, Yogurt Maker, Egg Boiler, capacity 1,000,000 pcs/month),

Home Care Appliance Manufacture Base (130,000m², producing Electric Fan, Electric Mop, Electric Heater, Humidifier, capacity 700,000 pcs/month)

Electric Kettle Manufacture Base (60,000m², producing Glass Kettle, Electric Kettle, Tea Maker, Healthy Kettle, capacity 800,000 pcs/month)

Component Manufacture Base & Electronic Factory (16,600m², for injection tooling and power cord and for PCBA assembly)

With these 5 production bases covering 500,000㎡, Bear Electric Appliance grows with 4000+ employees and produces in total 38 million pcs a year with more than 200 injection machines and 75 assembly lines. 

Number Of Engineers
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Brand Story
Bear's Origin
Mr. Li Yifeng, founder of Bear Electric Appliances, set up Bear Electric appliances with the initial intention of providing users with small and easy to use, cost-effective products. Over the years, he has led the Bear team to work silently, paying attention to the needs of users at every stage of life, every role and every scene, developing products that meet users' aesthetic, experience and functional pursuit, and protecting the growth of users.

Outdoor Air Fryer, portable Electric Grill are our best sellers. We pay great attention to the aesthetics and experience of users, and are committed to providing users with easy-to-use and cost-effective products.

Bear's Development
Road to Success
What Drives Our's Growth

Manufacturing Force

Lean manufacturing, Supply management, Quality control

Product Force

User experience, User research, Product innovation

Channel Force

Product management, Channel management, Promotion operation

Brand Force

Brand positioning, Brand communication, User operation




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