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Application of yogurt machine
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Application of yogurt machine

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-29      Origin: Site

Making yogurt has become more and more convenient. With a yogurt maker, you can also make yogurt at home and make all kinds of flavors you like. But the purpose of the yogurt maker is not only to make yogurt, due to the special structure of the yogurt maker, it also has the following applications.

Here is the content list:

  • Ripe fruit and winemaking

  • Make natto

  • Making Brown Sugar Walnut Hair Cake

Yoghurt Maker

Ripe fruit and winemaking

The main use of ripening fruit is constant temperature, so just put the fruit in the yogurt maker, add warm water, close the lid, plug in the power supply, and the next night, you can ripen successfully. To make wine, you need to wash the glutinous rice, soak it in water for more than 12 hours overnight, and it is enough to break it when you pinch it; put a steamer in the steamer, cover with gauze, boil the water, put the glutinous rice on it, and cover it. Open the fire and steam for 30 minutes; put the steamed glutinous rice in cold boiled water once, separate the glutinous rice grains, cool down, and not stick to the hands, then drain and cool until the fingers are not hot or cold, but the koji is crushed into powder and mixed into the rice; the mixed rice is poured into the Yoghurt maker cup, the rice is compacted, a hole is dug in the middle, and then a little cold water is evenly poured on the rice; the yogurt maker cylinder is placed a little cold water, put the rice cup in, cover the lid, plug in the electricity, pour cold water on the glutinous rice twice in the middle, unplug the power after 30 hours, and the fermentation of the brewing is completed.

Make natto

Soybeans are soaked in water for more than 8 hours (the amount of water is more than three times that of soybeans, otherwise the soaking may not be complete); steam the soybeans in a pot for about two hours in a rice cooker, and then in a pressure cooker for 40 minutes, until you have fingers to pinch the beans can be crushed to the point that they are steamed and taken out to dissipate heat; melt 0.1 g of natto bacteria with about 10 ml of warm boiled water; when the temperature of the cooked beans drops to about 60°C, mix the dissolved natto bacteria with water go in stir well; plug in the Yoghurt maker in advance to heat; put the mixed beans into the stainless steel natto fermentation net, and put it into the Yoghurt maker container, the lid of the Yoghurt maker can be covered a little bit, leaving enough gaps; the Yoghurt maker continues fermentation with electricity for 14 to 16 hours, the fermentation time can be extended when the air is cold. Seeing that a layer of the white film has grown on it, stirring can be the best for drawing; put it in the refrigerator for a few hours, and the drawing effect is better.

Making Brown Sugar Walnut Hair Cake

The brown sugar is melted in warm water; the yeast powder is blooming in warm water; the flour is poured into the brown sugar water and mixed, and the yeast liquid is added; the flour mass is placed in the yogurt maker, connected to the power supply, covered with plastic wrap, 60 minutes; walnuts are crushed with the back of a knife, Add it to the fermented dough; touch the oil on the mold, put the dough in the mold, be careful not to overfill it, it will become larger after cooking, put it in the pot and cook for 40 minutes on high heat.

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