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Classification of Humidifiers
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Classification of Humidifiers

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-05      Origin: Site

According to research, when the environmental humidity is between 45RH% and 65RH%, people's thinking, feeling, and working state is in the best state, and this humidity range is called "healthy humidity". The main function of the Humidifier is to increase the humidity of the indoor air and control the humidity in a relatively healthy state. At present, Humidifiers are aimed at different consumer groups, and the market price ranges from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan, and their functions and materials are also very different.

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Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Ultrasonic technology is one of the most widely used technologies at present, and it has a certain maturity. The Humidifier incorporated this technology into the ultrasonic Humidifier. This type of Humidifier emits 2 million high-frequency oscillating ultrasonic waves per second, generating 1-5 ultra-fine particles and negative oxygen ions, and then through the wind setting, the water mist is evenly dispersed into the air, so that the air humidity increases, and contains rich negative oxygen ions, has achieved the purpose of purifying the air. And its high safety factor and good humidification effect make it the first choice for children. And it is also widely used in medicine, beauty, and other fields, such as ultrasonic atomization therapy instruments, medical atomizers, atomization inhalers, ultrasonic beauty instruments, etc. Therefore, it can be seen that ultrasonic Humidifiers are widely used.

Pure Air Humidifier

The pure Humidifier is also called the evaporative Humidifier. This Humidifier is another innovation in the field of Humidifiers. It adopts molecular sieve evaporation technology, which can effectively eliminate calcium and magnesium ions in water and completely solve the problem of "white powder". The water curtain generated in the engineering process can wash the air, purify and filter germs, dust, particulate matter, etc. in the air, and finally transmit the purified air into the room through the pneumatic device, thereby increasing the humidity of the air and achieving the purpose of purifying the air. The machine can also effectively prevent winter flu germs and ensure people's health.

Electric Heated Air Humidifier

Electric heating Humidifiers are also called thermal evaporative Humidifiers. As the name suggests, this Humidifier works by heating water to 100 degrees and then producing steam, which is then diffused into the air through a pneumatic setting. This type of Humidifier is the most primitive humidification technology, and due to the high temperature of the steam produced, it is easy to burn the skin. So now basically replaced by other types of Humidifiers.

Environmentally friendly air Humidifier

An environmentally friendly Humidifier is a Humidifier that meets the requirements of Chinese patents and is a healthy and energy-saving Humidifier. The Humidifier uses a magnetic field combined with a specially treated pure cotton fabric as an evaporator, and the water tank adopts imported AS resin, which can achieve the effect of humidifying the air without electricity. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, heat-resistant, oil-resistant, and chemical-resistant. The Humidifier can effectively eliminate harmful components in water, use the heating source as a healing method, reduce power consumption, and does not produce a white powder, and is one of the most environmentally friendly Humidifiers at present.

Negative ion air Humidifier

A negative ion air Humidifier comes with a water container. It is characterized in that a high-voltage static power source is arranged on the side wall of the water container, and a carbon fiber transmitter is arranged on the upper end of the water container, wherein the output end of the high-voltage electrostatic power source is covered with an insulating rubber tube, and the output wire is connected with the output wire. The carbon fiber transmitter is connected, and the input end of the high-voltage electrostatic power source is connected with the 220V mains. When in use, the indoor radiator can be used as a heat source, and the water container can be placed in the gap of the radiator and fixed. When the indoor radiator emits heat, the water molecules in the water container are heated and evaporated, and the carbon fiber emitter is carried. The released negative ions enter the indoor air, thereby making the indoor air fresh and moist. The beneficial effects are as follows: the utility model has the characteristics of simple structure, good humidification effect, low cost, and low power consumption, and is suitable for use by ordinary people's families.

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