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Enlightenment of vacuum cleaner standards in various countries in my country
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Enlightenment of vacuum cleaner standards in various countries in my country

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-18      Origin: Site

At present, there are national standards, industry standards, and enterprise standards for product quality management in my country, and most of these standards are lower than the current international standards, and most small and medium-sized enterprises have little understanding of foreign standards and technical regulations, thus suffering Influenced by foreign technical barriers, and with the deterioration of international trade forms, the impact of foreign technical barriers to trade has become more and more serious, which is not conducive to product exports, nor is it conducive to the healthy development of the entire industry.

Here is the content:

  • Improve the timeliness of national standards

  • Develop industry or consortium standards

  • Promote the marketization of standard-setting

Vacuum Cleaner

Improve the timeliness of national standards

The European Union has followed closely with the IEC and adopted the 2010 revision for the general safety requirements of the Vacuum Cleaner and the 2012 revision for the special safety requirements. The United States also revised the Vacuum Cleaner UL standard in 2010. In my country, whether it is the current GB4706.1-2005 or GB4706.7-2004 standards, the standard age has reached 10 years, which obviously cannot keep up with the development of modern technology, and the relevant requirements of the standards cannot adapt to the actual situation of the product. For example, in IEC 60335-2-2:2012, new test methods and related requirements for automatic battery-powered Vacuum Cleaner are added, but there are no related requirements in Chinese standards.

Develop industry or consortium standards

The revision of the national standard is complicated and the cycle is long, and the industry association should adopt a more flexible method to formulate industry standards suitable for industrial development according to the overall level of my country's Vacuum Cleaner industry, regulate the production and competition behavior of Vacuum Cleaner enterprises, and improve product technology. standards and quality, thereby raising the standard level of the entire industry. In addition, in areas with competitive advantages, regional industry associations should formulate higher alliance standards in the form of enterprise alliances, and strive to make them international standards to enhance the international competitiveness of my country's Vacuum Cleaner products.

Promote the marketization of standard-setting

The development of Vacuum Cleaner standards in developed countries follows the principle of marketization and forms a standardization work operation mechanism of government supervision, authorized agencies responsible, professional agencies drafting, and the whole society soliciting opinions. This operating mechanism can meet the interests and requirements of the government, manufacturers, users, and other parties to the greatest extent, thereby improving the efficiency of standard formulation and ensuring the fairness and transparency of standard formulation. The government authorizes and entrusts standardization associations or standard chemistry to manage and coordinate standardization affairs, and the government is responsible for the supervision and financial support; standardization associations or societies are responsible for standard drafting, review, approval, release, publication, distribution, and information services have full autonomy and form standardized and efficient work procedures and management models.

The above is the relevant content about the enlightenment of the difference between Chinese, American, and European standards on the development of Vacuum Cleaners in my country. If you are interested in Vacuum Cleaner, you can contact us. Our website is https://www.bearappliance.com/. I look forward to seeing you very much and hope to cooperate with you.




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