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How to care for Yoghurt Maker?
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How to care for Yoghurt Maker?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-22      Origin: Site

Yogurt not only helps digestion but also contains a variety of vitamins necessary for the human body, which is beneficial to human health and is deeply loved by the public. Therefore, people who love yogurt will buy a Yoghurt Maker to go home and make yogurt to drink, but when using the Yoghurt Maker daily, to avoid damage to the Yoghurt Maker, we should maintain it correctly. Only take care of it so that the life of the Yoghurt Maker will not be affected. Do you know the maintenance method of the yogurt machine?

Here is the content list:

Yoghurt Maker

Placement of Yoghurt Maker

Before use, carefully check whether the rated voltage of the yogurt maker is consistent with the household voltage, and then place the Yoghurt Maker in a dry and ventilated place with no flammables around, do not get too close to the wall, and do not expose it to direct sunlight. The yogurt maker should be cleaned and wiped when not in use for a long time, put in the box, and put in a ventilated and dry place to avoid moisture and affect the use. When using, it is strictly forbidden to plug and unplug the power supply with wet hands, otherwise, it will easily cause a short circuit and cause damage to the Yoghurt Maker. It is best to keep the yogurt maker away from children and don't let them touch it, because children like to press indiscriminately, it is easy to damage the keys and affect later use.

Yogurt Maker Cleaning

When the Yoghurt Maker needs to be cleaned, you can scrub with lemonade or white vinegar to clean the inside of the Yoghurt Maker first, then the outside. Wipe the inside with a damp cloth, and wipe the outside with a damp cloth dipped in detergent, or you can wipe with the remaining tea residues. Before cleaning the Yoghurt Maker, unplug the power supply, and when cleaning, it is strictly forbidden to rinse directly with water, do not use banana water, gasoline, decontamination powder, hard brush, stainless steel wire ball, etc. to wipe, and do not use strong acid and strong alkaline solution cleaning. The inner liner of the Yoghurt Maker must be cleaned, otherwise, once there is residue, it will affect the fermentation of raw materials. The casing of the yogurt maker must not be immersed in or rinsed with water, it can be wiped with a soft damp cloth (wrung out the water).

Maintenance after use

After each use, unplug the yogurt maker to make sure no electricity is flowing through it. The biggest advantage of doing this is to avoid wear and tear of internal components. Check regularly for machine failure. Once the Yoghurt Maker is found to have damaged or aged parts, replace it in time. To prevent leakage during use, check whether the power cord is damaged before use and whether the voltage in your home is consistent with the rated voltage specified by Yoghurt Maker.

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