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Information about the Air Fryer
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Information about the Air Fryer

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-29      Origin: Site

The Air Fryer uses high-speed air circulation technology and a unique combination of fast circulating hot air and internal spiral patterns to achieve the effect and taste of fried food. In layman's terms, this means that when heated, hot air is generated inside the pan to create a crispy surface, locking in the moisture inside the food and giving it the crispy texture of ordinary fried food. Read on for more information about the Air Fryer. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The Air Fryer is an alternative to frying.

  • What are the advantages of the Air Fryer compared to traditional frying or grilling methods?

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The Air Fryer is an alternative to frying.

Fried food has long been loved by men, women, and children for its ease of preparation, golden color, and crispness. However, as material life becomes richer and richer, the disadvantages of fried food are becoming more and more important, such as the destruction of nutrients at high temperatures, the difficulty of digestion and absorption, the high fat and calorie content, and the presence of carcinogens. As a result, healthy eating habits now include "ditching fried foods" as an important part of the diet. So, is there a better alternative to frying that turns food into a golden crisp? The answer is yes, and the Air Fryer has been created. The process is relatively simple and uses the principle of hot air flow. The food is pushed onto a tray (the outer layer is made of heat-resistant material and the inner layer is made of Teflon-coated metal) and then pushed into the Air Fryer, where it is heated by a heating system in the center of the top flap (containing a light wave heating tube and a fan). The fan blows the heated air down the inner wall of the "fryer", which also has a special pattern designed to create a vortex of flowing air, thus heating the surface of the food as well as the interior more comprehensively and stably, thus achieving a certain degree of moisture removal, grease heating, and baking.

What are the advantages of the Air Fryer compared to traditional frying or grilling methods?

As the Air Fryer does not require oil or an open flame to grill and can be customized in terms of time and temperature, it has the following advantages over traditional frying or grilling: Firstly, it does not produce fumes. As there is no open fire and no direct involvement of large quantities of oil, and the pan is sealed, there is no problem with oil fumes caused by the cracking and volatilization of oil substances at high temperatures during the food preparation process. Secondly, there is no splashing of oil. Whether frying or grilling, when the food contains a certain amount of water, it will turn into water vapor in a very short time at high temperatures and then expand rapidly in volume, thus producing splashes of oil droplets. Thirdly, it does not make the food battered. If food is prepared by frying or grilling, if the temperature is not properly controlled and the cooking time is too long, the surface of the food will become battered and black, and this part of the food is not recommended to be eaten because it has been denatured and contains more carcinogens. The Air Fryer, on the other hand, allows you to choose the temperature and time independently, and this temperature and time range, which has been adjusted after numerous experiments at the factory, does not normally make the food baked. Fourthly, no or little oil can be used during operation. For meat, there is no need to add any cooking oil during the baking process, as some of the fat contained in the meat itself will be separated during the baking process. For non-meat dishes, a small amount of oil can be added to enhance the taste. As a result, the Air Fryer uses very little oil, which is good for your health.

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