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Precautions and steps to take when using the Air Fryer
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Precautions and steps to take when using the Air Fryer

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-22      Origin: Site

More and more people are buying Air Fryers, so what are the precautions to take when using an Air Fryer? The Air Fryer should be cleaned with hot water, detergent, etc. It should be kept in a stable position and level, and the position of the plug should be checked. Next, let's take a look at the precautions and steps to take when using the Air Fryer. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Precautions for using the Air Fryer.

  • Steps to use the Air Fryer.

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Precautions for using the Air Fryer.

New products should be cleaned well before use.

Even if you have purchased a quality brand Air Fryer, it is advisable to clean the new product well to ensure good results. Always clean with hot water, detergent, etc., and use a soft sponge, not a hard object, as this may damage the surface coating.

Do check the power supply.

The Air Fryer must be in a very stable position and be level, without any problems. It is also important to check the position of the plugs. Although the power supply is generally stable in urban areas, it is important to use smart sockets daily to ensure that the voltage and current are stable. The same goes for fryers that have been in use for a long time, it is certainly worth doing a good job of daily checks, as problems with the power supply still do not allow for continued use and must be repaired.

Determine if preheating is required.

Although the Air Fryer can reach very high temperatures in a short time, the level of technology of each product varies and the mode of operation can be more or less different. The need for preheating is something that needs to be confirmed by following the operating instructions. If you don't preheat the fryer, it may affect the taste of the food and may even be undercooked, so the food will not taste as good. If you need to preheat, just set it in advance and add the food.

Steps to use the Air Fryer.

Firstly, clean the frying pan and basket of the Air Fryer with detergent, warm water, and a sponge. If there is any dust on the exterior of the Air Fryer, it is recommended that you wipe it down with a damp cloth. Secondly, place the Air Fryer on a flat surface and place the frying basket inside the frying pan. Thirdly, connect the power supply directly to the Air Fryer by plugging it into a grounded power strip. Fourthly, carefully pull out the frying pan, place the selected ingredients on top of the basket and finally push the frying pan into the Air Fryer. Fifth, set the time and turn on the button to start the gourmet cooking process. Sixthly, when it reaches the pre-cooked time, a timer will sound, at which point pull the fryer out and place it outside. Seventh, see if the ingredients have been cooked successfully and take out any ingredients that are not too large to avoid wasting them. Eighth, press the switch to remove the frying basket, remove the basket and pour the ingredients inside the basket onto a plate, or into a bowl. Ninth, clean the Air Fryer as soon as it has cooled down.

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