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Purpose and scope of Vacuum Cleaners
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Purpose and scope of Vacuum Cleaners

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-05-16      Origin: Site


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With the continuous diversification and intelligence of the functional types of Vacuum Cleaners, the hands are constantly freed during the use of the vacuum cleaner, and attention is paid to the efficiency of vacuuming. In the Asian and European markets, horizontal Vacuum Cleaners occupy 80% of the market share with strong technical advantages. To sum up, taking the more common horizontal vacuum cleaners used in life as the target object, the acquisition of relevant information has a universal basis. Next, let's take a look at the purpose and scope of Vacuum Cleaners.\

Vacuum Cleaner

Here is the content:

  • Selection principle of the target object of the Vacuum Cleaner

  • Determination of the target range of the Vacuum Cleaner

Selection principle of the target object of the Vacuum Cleaner

1. The use environment of Vacuum Cleaners is generally representative

The use of Vacuum Cleaners breaks the traditional cleaning methods, improves the cleaning efficiency per unit time, and has obvious cleaning effects on different types of dust and particulate matter in a specific environment. The existing Vacuum Cleaners on the market are mainly used in domestic environments, commercial environments, automobile interior environments, industrial environments, etc. However, with the continuous improvement of people's consumption level, people's enthusiasm for the purchase of vacuum cleaners remains high, followed by the purchase of vacuum cleaners. Product demand continues to expand. According to the data released by China Industry Research Network, the growth of my country's vacuum cleaner market is relatively stable. Among them, household Vacuum Cleaners have increased by about 5.4% year-on-year in recent years, and the trend of Household vacuum cleaners is relatively obvious.

2. Choose a more general type of Vacuum Cleaner

With the advantages of high dust removal efficiency and good cleaning effect, Vacuum Cleaners make the types and functions of Vacuum Cleaners continue to expand and become more intelligent.

Determination of the target range of the Vacuum Cleaner

Through the research on the target object of a certain type of Vacuum Cleaner, the environmental life cycle impact assessment is carried out, the key problems of the environmental impact of a certain type of vacuum cleaner are found, and the improved design is carried out. In the evaluation of the environmental impact of the typical vacuum cleaner life cycle, the research boundary of the vacuum cleaner evaluation is first determined. The research boundary of the typical Vacuum Cleaner product is the Vacuum Cleaner raw material production stage, the use stage, and the waste recycling and processing stage, and the life cycle impact boundary is divided. There are many uncertain factors in the collection of life cycle research data in the stages of transportation, processing, and maintenance. Therefore, the research boundary of vacuum cleaners is simplified, and the environmental impact assessment of typical vacuum cleaners is more targeted. It is clear that a certain type of horizontal Vacuum Cleaner is taken as the research object, and its raw material production stage, use stage, and waste recycling stage are the research boundaries, and the following assumptions are made for the life cycle environmental impact assessment.

(1) Assume that the main materials used in the production stage of a typical Vacuum Cleaner are: copper, iron, aluminum, plastic, rubber, non-woven fabric, sponge, plastic, and other materials.

(2) Assuming that the Vacuum Cleaner is in the waste recycling stage, the main raw material recycling is carried out under the condition that the original volume mass and material type remain unchanged, and the main waste treatment stage is water energy consumption.

(3) To make the environmental life cycle assessment of the typical Vacuum Cleaner more accurate, it is assumed that the typical Vacuum Cleaner is calculated based on the energy consumption of the typical Vacuum Cleaner under the rated power of 220V, the rated power is 1000W, and the annual power consumption is 365kw/h.

(4) For typical Vacuum Cleaners, the electricity in the use stage mainly relies on the way of coal power generation in my country.

The above is about the purpose and scope of the Vacuum Cleaner. If you are interested in the Vacuum Cleaner, you can contact us, on our website https://www.bearappliance.com/.




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