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Vacuum Cleaner Soundscape Elements
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Vacuum Cleaner Soundscape Elements

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-05      Origin: Site


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The soundscape is composed of three parts: sound, environment, and listener. A soundscape exists as long as there are voices and people present. Therefore, it can be said that soundscapes exist in every corner of human life. The category of soundscape is very large and can be broadly divided into the natural soundscape and social soundscape. These two concepts can be divided into thousands of specific soundscapes, such as building soundscapes, plaza soundscapes, park soundscapes, cinema soundscapes, etc. For industrial products, there is also the so-called product soundscape, which is the synthesis of the product's sound and the sound of its environment based on human perception. A product soundscape is a sound environment that emphasizes the way an individual or society perceives and understands it. For a product, its soundscape must also be a synthesis of sounds based on human perception. It not only studies the physical phenomenon of sound but also involves people's perceptual understanding of sound, as well as the role and value of sound in people's living environment. As a home appliance, Vacuum Cleaners also have their unique soundscape. Let's take a look at the soundscape elements of Vacuum Cleaners.

Here is the content:

  • Sound of physical variables

  • The use environment of the Vacuum Cleaner

  • Person as a subject listener of Vacuum Cleaner soundscape

Sound of physical variables

Sound as a physical variable, that is, the sound of a Vacuum Cleaner, background sound, etc. measured from a physical point of view, is a pressure wave caused by the vibration of the sound source. In the understanding of "Vacuum Cleaner soundscape", it is necessary to base on objective sound events, the characteristics of, sound, and its structure. The understanding and study of soundscapes are inseparable from specific sound events. According to the specific sound events and the characteristics and structure of the extracted sounds, the soundscape can be further studied. The sound of the Vacuum Cleaner is mainly noise in terms of the characteristics of the wave, which is composed of mechanical noise, aerodynamic noise, and electromagnetic noise. In this sound wave, there are some frequency bands that the human ear cannot receive and some that make people feel very irritable.

The use environment of the Vacuum Cleaner

Soundscape studies the influence of the environment in the relationship between people and sound, mainly the influence of the "presence" environment when people listen for aesthetic purposes. Different environments have different "presence" feelings. For example: listening to a piper in a concert hall, and listening to a CD in front of a sound system. The playing of the fabulously is different from listening to the flute played by the shepherd boy on the cow's back in the field.

Person as a subject listener of Vacuum Cleaner soundscape

The person who is the main listener of the soundscape of the Vacuum Cleaner is an important factor in the soundscape of the Vacuum Cleaner because the sound in the environment can only be felt through the human senses, and the soundscape has no meaning without people. People's perception of soundscape is mainly affected by objective and subjective factors: people's physical and sensory states, including physiological factors, are both the premise and limit of hearing, as well as age, gender, place of residence, etc. These are all objective factors. The subjective factors include people's cultural literacy and the state of the person at that time, such as selective listening, action, and emotional state at that time.

The above is the relevant content about the soundscape elements of the Vacuum Cleaner. If you are interested in the Vacuum Cleaner, you can contact us. Our website is https://www.bearappliance.com/.




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