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Yogurt machine making yogurt process
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Yogurt machine making yogurt process

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-12      Origin: Site

Many people like to buy yogurt to drink, but many of the yogurts sold have too much sugar added, and some of them are not yogurt, more precisely lactic acid bacteria drinks. We can make yogurt by ourselves, Yoghurt Maker does not make yogurt by adding milk and bacteria powder and then waiting for fermentation. The yogurt produced by some people does not coagulate and does not have a thick and silky taste. There are still some tricks to pay attention to. Let me tell you in detail the secrets of the Yoghurt Maker to make successful yogurt.

Here is the content list:

  • Sterilization of containers

  • Addition of raw materials

Sterilization of containers

The first is to boil a small pot of water, put the Yoghurt Maker's yogurt fermentation container and stirring tools into the pot and cook for two minutes to sterilize. This step of disinfection is indispensable. If you don't cook it, pour boiling water into it for a few minutes. Generally, the stirring tool is placed in the container of the Yoghurt Maker, poured in boiling water, covered with a lid, and simmered for 10 minutes, so that it is more reliable to use. In addition, all containers can be wiped dry with kitchen paper, there should be no water, otherwise, the yogurt made by Yoghurt Maker will easily go bad.

Addition of raw materials

The ingredients used to make Yoghurt Maker are 850 grams of whole milk, 1 pack of yogurt powder, 150 grams of whipped cream, and 50 to 80 grams of sugar. Let's start by adding sugar to the Yoghurt Maker. Those who want to lose weight or control sugar can put less or no more, or add sugar and honey when eating. Some people do not add sugar, but add some dried fruit, such as dried cranberries, and raisins, or add some fresh fruit particles to adjust the taste and texture. Then add the whipped cream and milk, and heat it to 40 degrees on the lowest heat until the sugar melts and turn off the heat (this temperature is probably the temperature that people can withstand when taking a bath). Add a packet of yogurt mushroom powder and mix well. It is best to pour the prepared ingredients into a sterilized container, put it into the Yoghurt Maker, plug in the Yoghurt Maker's electric lid, and ferment for 8 to 12 hours. The longer the fermentation time, Yogurt tastes sourer. Control the fermentation time of the Yoghurt Maker according to your taste. Generally, it will be slightly sour for about 10 hours. Do not exceed 12 hours or it will be too sour. After fermenting, put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate overnight for better taste.

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