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BEAR Cambodia officially launches in Cambodia
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BEAR Cambodia officially launches in Cambodia

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-14      Origin: Site

On the evening of August 14, 2022, BEAR Cambodia, a company that is gaining a lot of support in China in the field of small electronics and smart devices, officially opened a branch. Its first visit to Cambodia under the chairmanship of HE Sar Sokha, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and with the direct participation of Ms. Thai Hour, Director General of BEAR Cambodia, as well as the presence of the distinguished guests of the company. BEAR Cambodia in large numbers.


In the inauguration of the first branch, there was also a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by HE Sar Sokha, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and many leaders of BEAR Cambodia. And on that occasion, Ms. Thai Hour The CEO of BEAR Cambodia also gave a speech to welcome the opening ceremony

As well as the pleasure of bringing high quality products, affordable prices and modern technology to Cambodia to meet the needs of today's consumers, which proves that Cambodia is a country that is There is potential and rapid development in recent years in the field of technology and modern kitchen appliances.

It should also be noted that BEAR Cambodia is a company that sells and supplies small smart appliances for home use in the kitchen, daily appliances as well as baby items such as cookers, soup pots, electric grills, heaters, electric fans. Vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, electric mirrors for makeup, disinfectants and heaters, baby bottles, etc., with a modern design, attractive, easy to use and affordable.



Bear Electric is an enterprise specializing in the production of stainless steel air fryers and outdoor hot pots and integrating design, research and development, manufacturing and sales. Here you can find small household appliances, such as: metal gear Blender, chicken thighs Air Fryer,etc. Welcome to contact us to order our products. Especially on the occasion of the official opening, BEAR Cambodia also has a great special offer, 20% discount. You can visit the shop directly located at 24B, Street 2004, Sangkat O Bek Kam, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh. For more information, please call 095 565 777 or visit BEAR CAMBODIA Facebook page.

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