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Bear The theme of the Press
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Bear The theme of the Press

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-06      Origin: Site

"Rejuvenation 2019 New Youth Life Trends White Paper" by Bear was officially published, Concept of "Life Revival" exploded with AWE.

The annual AWE (China Appliance & Electronics World Expo) seems to become the consensus of all walks of life to observe the latest year's trend in the home appliance sector and to comprehend the industry's development trend. Bear in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Phoenix News, released the "Rejuvenation 2019 New Youth Life Trends White Paper" on March 14th at the AWE site, which provided a very forward-looking insight into the living consumption trends of the younger generation and proposed the concept of life revival as a result. This is a topic that encourages young people to pursue and enjoy themselves, explore the essence of life, and undertake lifestyle changes.

Figure: On-site release of the white paper

By studying young people's present life and consumption behavior, the "Rejuvenation 2019 New Youth Life Trends White Paper" provides insight into young people's life trends from different aspects and grasps the new direction and possibility of future life. According to the data from the "Rejuvenation 2019 New Youth Life Trends White Paper", in terms of diet, most young people nowadays love gourmet food. Even if do not cook overly complicated food, they still love to cook daily food by themselves. Therefore, simple and convenient kitchen appliances are the first appeal. In terms of living, the ranking of young people's favorite household appliances shows that young people acquire household appliances primarily to better their living conditions, with a greater emphasis on personal hygiene and comfort. In terms of female independence, young women's independent awareness is fully awakened, with an increasing number of women pursuing a balance in "family," "parenting," and "work," and transforming into self-sufficient women who can balance work and life. In terms of aesthetics, numerous young people are daring to defy the label of "Chinese-style aesthetics," insisting on diverse aesthetics and setting their own standards. The life resurrection advocated by Bear is exemplified by improvements in young people's habits.

Picture: Users viewing products in AWE

In a more in-depth examination of the concept of "life revival," it is easy to see how the lifestyle changes brought about by economic and cultural development are extremely congruent with the company brand that Bear has been promoting for a return to the core of life. The meaning of Bear Electric to consumers is similar to the revival of life: it is not a life requirement, but rather a life optimization product that can assist consumers in returning to life, enriching themselves, and exploring additional possibilities of life in their own way. Bear based on its brand culture, continuously prioritizes the demands of users and constantly develops and innovates in order to deliver every minor change in the way of life to users, allowing everyone to experience the rebirth of life. For example, a humidifier to keep the air in your home comfortable; health pots, electric cookers, and electric ovens to make cooking no longer boring, but to enjoy hands-on cooking fun.

The majority of today's youth would like to experience a personal renaissance. In today's rapidly accelerated social pace, every product developed by Bear based on user requirements is committed to bringing beauty and satisfaction to young people, so that they can genuinely feel the happiness of true life. Meanwhile, Bear's proposal of "life rejuvenation" has shattered the old belief that home appliances can only be requirements, not life optimization products, significantly expanding the future small home appliance market and injecting new ideas for industry development.




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