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Bear shortlisted for inclusion in the top 500 Chinese brands for 2021
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Bear shortlisted for inclusion in the top 500 Chinese brands for 2021

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-06      Origin: Site


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Brand value is the core part of brand management, as well as the confidence behind an enterprise. In today's fiercely competitive market, brand value determines a company's right to speak and reflects user recognition. China Top 500 Brand Value List for 2021 was recently released in Beijing. Bear the leading brand of creative small household appliances, was among them, reflecting the small household appliance industry's expanding market competitiveness and influence.

Deeply cultivate market segments, innovate, and develop products to tap brand value

Bear products are tangible embodiments of beautiful design, humanization, and technology, and their user experience is drastically different from similar products. This obvious advantage derived from product robustness has created a difference between Bear Electric and other brands. In short, Bear's success stems from its ability to adapt to changes in young people's lifestyles and consumption patterns, to deeply cultivate the market segment, and to continuously enrich product categories in order to meet consumers’ requirements for small household appliances at various stages of life.

Many people's first impression of small home appliances is that all of them are the same and lack originality, but if learn more about stories behind high-quality small home appliance companies, people will find that innovation is everywhere. There may not be any game-changing innovations, but the detail has received a lot of attention. "Unlike the communication industry, which still has opportunities for revolutionary innovation in basic technologies," Li Yifeng, chairman of Bear Electric, explained, "innovation in small household appliances should be based on functions, applications, and materials, which must be based on demand."

Product innovation at Bear Electric is focused on numerous circumstances and life stages, with the primary goal of alleviating various pain spots in people's lives.




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