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· 50g butter.

· 2 grams of caster sugar.

· 1g of salt.

· 100 grams of water.

· Low gluten flour 63 grams.

· 3 Eggs (about 50g each).

· Cream filling material.

· 250 grams of light cream.

· 15 grams of powdered suga.

Step 1:Pour 100g of water and 50g of butter into a deep pan, add 2g of sugar and 1g of salt.

Step 2:After boiling for 30 seconds, turn down the heat and pour in 63g of pre-sieved low strength flour at one time. Immediately after pouring, use a manual egg beater to quickly stir into a hot dough until there is coagulated material on the wall of the pot. Turn off the heat and stop stirring.

Step 3:When the dough is warm, add three eggs in three separate batches, stirring thoroughly each time.

Step 4:Place the batter in a decorating bag and squeeze it into a grease-lined baking tray.

Step 5:Preheat the oven and place the pan in the middle or upper-middle of the oven at 190-200 ℃ for 20-25 minutes.

Step 6:Remove the toasted puffs immediately, let cool and squeeze in the cream filling, while we wait for the eclairs to cool we make the cream filling. To whip the cream, you need to add 15g of icing sugar to 250g of light cream.

Step 7:Put the whipped cream into a decorating bag. The decorating tip makes a small hole in the bottom of the puffs to squeeze in the whipped cream.




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